Bill of Rights

Foundation for Premature InfantsPremature Infant Bill of Rights

  • I have a right to expect that my caregivers’ practices reflect evidence-based best practice.
  • I have the right to be considered an active participant in my life capable of feeling and responding in all situations.
  • I will be cared for in a developmentally supportive way and a measurement tool will be used to ensure consistency of my care.
  • I have the right to an environment that protects my vision and hearing by maintaining sound and light levels within recommended levels.
  • I will drive my feeding schedule not doctors or nurses and a feeding readiness scale will be used to ensure that I am in control.
  • My family can visit me at any time.
  • My family can participate in all activities that involve me.
  • I can enjoy kangaroo care any time my family wants, emergency situations being the obvious exception.
  • My care will be standardized across all shifts by all clinical staff that interacts with me.
  • My care will be clustered so that my precious sleep cycles are minimally disturbed.
  • I have the right to know a pain scale will be used to minimize causing me pain.
  • I have the right to expect that all my caregivers will keep in mind as Horton said, “A person’s a person, no matter how small.”
  • I have the right to be discharged home as soon as medically appropriate and not be kept in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit one day longer because it may be financially beneficial to the hospital.
Foundation for Premature InfantsClick here to download the Premature Infant Bill of Rights in PDF Format for your birth plan.