FPI Welcomes Lisa Chiburis Bader to the Board

Lisa Bader

Roswell, GA, – August 31st – We are truly blessed to have Lisa Chiburis Bader join the board and when you read her bio we think you will agree.

Lisa Bader is an occupational therapist who has worked at the same hospital (CHI Health CUMC-Bergan Mercy Medical Center) in Omaha, Nebraska her entire 22-year career. She was “forced” into the NICU by her boss with little training but great interest 20 years ago. She now works part time and covers the NICU along with other trained therapists. Lisa is passionate about therapy services in the NICU and the developmental outcomes of premature infants.

She speaks at local and national conferences, lectures at colleges, writes journal articles, and consults for developing NICU programs.

She wrote a Training Module for NICU Therapists in 2008 and The Ladder Approach in 2012 (revised 2017) to help educate therapists working in NICU’s. She has a website, www.OTPTintheNICU.com, to share articles, handouts, and other information regarding her work in the NICU.

She invented The Shape Right System for positioning and head shaping in the NICU. Her website is www.shaperight.net. She happily answers any email questions regarding therapy and developmental care in the NICU and spends much of her time doing so.

Lisa is married with two teenage boys and is a “lake and fun” enthusiast. She also enjoys Pilates, coaching soccer, her boys’ sporting events, and family.

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