Michael D. Litten Awards Scholarship to Trauma Informed Professional Certificate Program

Roswell, GA, – December 9th, 2020 –  Michael D. Litten, Founder, Foundation for Premature Infants was honored to award Sheri Kimmey a scholarship to attend the first of kind ground breaking Trauma Informed Professional Certificate Program. The program is a continuous journey of self-discovery and growth moving towards excellence.

This assessment-based certificate program is grounded by eight attributes that reflect competencies required to become a trauma informed professional.

Sheri Kimmey has been working in the NICU since 2002; bedside for nine years, charge nurse for five, and Clinical Nurse Educator for the last four. She also facilitates her NICU Follow Up Clinic. She finished her Masters, and graduated from the LEND program in 2016. LEND stands for leadership education in neurodevelopmental and related disabilities. She has such passion for developmental care, and strives to make a difference in the outcomes of the tiny patients they care for daily

Michael D. Litten, commented he was “thrilled, because Sheri’s passion combine with the certificate program fits perfectly with our mission and core belief, which is as Dr. Seuss’s iconic character, Horton, said so succinctly and eloquently: ‘a person’s a person, no matter how small.’”

Sheri said, “I have no doubt that the knowledge I will gain from Mary’s certification will positively impact our nurses and our families.” And, Sheri plans to pay it forward by sharing her newly gained knowledge with all the NICU’s in the area, not just her own.

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