Michael D. Litten Presents Donation to Synova Associates for NICU Leadership Forum Scholarships

Roswell, GA, – September 4th, 2020 – At the Ann Jackson Gallery, Michael D. Litten, Founder, Foundation for Premature Infants presented a donation to Lori Gunther, CEO, Synova Associates, LLC.

The Ann Jackson Gallery www.annjacksongallery.com, as one of only 30 galleries in the world licensed by Dr. Seuss Enterprises, was the perfect setting for the donation. Michael D. Litten, commented that he was “honored to make the donation at the Ann Jackson Gallery because the Foundation’s core belief is, as Dr. Seuss’s iconic charac- ter, Horton, said so succinctly and eloquently: ‘a person’s a person, no matter how small.’”

The Foundation for Premature Infants donated $5,489 for scholarships, so 11 NICU emerging leaders can attend the upcoming 2020 NICU Leadership Forum. This year’s forum will be a first of kind, as it will be held virtually. Lori Gunther commented, “The current situation required calling on the wisdom of the age old proverb, “necessity is the mother of invention.””

For Further Information, contact:

Lori Gunther
Synova Assoicates [email protected] (516) 658-1935 http://www.synovaassociates.com

Michael D. Litten
Foundation for Premature Infants, 501 (c) (3) [email protected]
770-552-0418 www.foundationforprematureinfants.org

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